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Save fuel this summer – avoid driving on winter tyres

Friday 8th July 2022

With fuel prices remaining at a record high, being mindful of ways in which you can get the most out of your tank has never been more important.

One of the biggest fuel savers that can be overlooked is driving on the right tyres for the season. Here’s why driving on winter tyres during summer can increase your fuel consumption.

Rolling resistance

Winter tyres have a greater rolling resistance than summer tyres, due to the softer, more flexible rubber compound which allows for better control at low temperatures.

Why is this a problem in warm temperatures?

The softer, more flexible compound will wear much faster when used in summer as winter tyres are not designed to perform as effectively in summer temperatures.

Why does this affect fuel consumption?

The less durable a tyre becomes, the more fuel consumption increases as the tyre has to work harder to retain its performance levels.

Not only that, braking distances are increased when using winter tyres on warm roads by between 10-26%, depending whether you are driving on wet or dry surfaces. This increases your chances of having to slam on the brakes, which in turn uses more fuel.

Which summer tyres are most suitable?

We have a range of summer tyres available for many vehicle types, from ultra-high performance to small city cars.

  • DX240 – Designed for small passenger cars, the DX240 has exceptional wet and dry grip capabilities.
  • DX390 – Ideal for a fuel-efficient and comfortable drive.
  • DX640 – An ultra high-performance tyre designed for passenger cars and SUVs.
  • DX740 – A smooth, comfortable and quiet drive for SUVs.
  • Protoura Sport – Our flagship UHP tyre that is at one with the driver, delivering superior performance and ultimate control.

To find out the best option for your vehicle, visit your nearest Davanti dealer, which you can find using our handy dealer locator.

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