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Accidental Damage Guarantee

The Davanti Accidental Damage Guarantee provides protection to drivers that may experience accidental damage to their tyre through normal road use.

Where damage has occurred, you are entitled to a replacement tyre at a discounted price, which is proportionate to the amount of tread used on the damaged tyre. This means you get every millimetre of tread that you purchase.

Replacement tyre discount

To make a claim against your Davanti Accidental Damage Guarantee you need to return the tyre to the Davanti dealer you bought it from. The dealer will replace the tyre at the discounted price based on the amount of tyre tread remaining according to the table below.

Percentage of Tread Used Allowance
Less than 10% 100% Allowance
11% to 25% 75% Allowance
26% to 50% 50% Allowance
51% to 75% 25% Allowance
More than 75% NIL Allowance

The Davanti Accidental Damage Guarantee excludes purchases made online and will only apply to Davanti tyres purchased in the UK and fitted by a registered approved Davanti stockist within the last four years. To locate your nearest approved Davanti stockist please visit our Dealer Locator.

For enquiries on purchases made outside the UK please contact your local Davanti distributor.

Guarantee exclusions

The guarantee covers material or manufacturing defects and irreparable damage caused by normal road use. Terratoura M/T & A/T tyres are exempt from the guarantee due to the extreme terrain applications it is primarily used for. Protoura Race tyres are exempt from the guarantee as their application falls outside of normal road use. The guarantee is not transferable and excludes damage caused by the following:

  • A mechanical default in the vehicle
  • Use of unsuitable wheels
  • Not maintaining correct tyre pressures
  • Carrying or towing loads in excess of vehicle specs
  • Improper or prolonged use of snow chains
  • Competition use
  • Removal of wheel or poor fitting of the tyre
  • Acts of God, fire, vandalism or theft
  • Road traffic accident damage or ensuing problems
  • Use of tyre that doesn’t match the vehicle specification such as non-CP type tyres on motorhomes
  • Prolonged contact with acids, solvents or oils

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