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Why Terratoura A/T is the best choice for me

Thursday 20th June 2024

We’re in the midst of enjoying what can only be described as a typical “British summer” and for those off-roaders amongst us, it is often the perfect time for exploring off the beaten track. But we all know summer months in the UK can be unpredictable, sometimes throwing weather conditions from all four seasons at us in one day.

With that in mind, here at Davanti we want to help uncover why the Terratoura All Terrain tyre could be tyre for the 4×4 owners in the UK this summer…

Firstly, what is an all-terrain tyre?

An all-terrain tyre is designed to offer traction on lots of different road surfaces and conditions, from highway to off-road, combining the precision handling and performance of highway tyres with specially-constructed tread support bars of all-terrain tyres so the driver can enjoy the best of both worlds, perfect for the weekend off-roader enthusiast during the summer months.

What is the Terratoura A/T tyre and its unique design features?

The Terratoura A/T tyre provides the perfect balance of highway and off-road performance. It is an all-weather, all-terrain tyre that offers market-leading traction, control & debris ejection, thanks to its unique design attributes, including:

  • The 5 rib A/T pattern design provides exceptional performance both on and off-road. This tread design gives the Terratoura A/T assured traction in all weather conditions.
  • Enhanced tread compounds that deliver the durability required for off-road endurance, while providing excellent grip in cold and wet conditions.
  • Tread support bars which are specially-constructed bars offering assured and stable on-road performance and low noise.
  • The carcass construction provides higher load capabilities, improved safety and protection and harmonic load distribution for even treadwear.
  • Two longitudinal grooves running the circumference of the tyre offers effective water evacuation and exceptional wet performance. Wide shoulder grooves also allow for efficient dispersion of mud, sand and dust, increasing traction in off-road conditions.

How has the Terratoura A/T been tested?

To achieve the ultimate all-terrain tyre, our Terratoura A/T was subjected to a series of rigorous testing regimes across three of Europe’s most challenging independent test facilities. To finesse performance in summer conditions, at Applus+ IDIADA’s facilities in Spain, the Terratoura A/T showed its ability to perform on-and-off road in warmer climates, outperforming other mid-range and premium competitors.

Back in Davanti’s home country, at Millbrook’s leading facilities, the tyre showed its ability on mud, sand and grass, as well as its gravel braking capabilities.

And not forgetting its 3PMSF certification

Elsewhere in Europe, the Terratoura A/T was put through its paces in demanding Arctic conditions. It was here – at UTAC in Finland – where the tyre earned its 3PMSF and M+S certification, putting the tyre in an exclusive club of A/T tyres certified for harsh winter conditions.

3PMSF, short for Three Peak Mountain Snowflake, is the best way to know your tyre is equipped and certified to drive in the snow. This is awarded and certified by the EU to ensure that you can be confident in the safety of your winter and all-season tyres. To qualify, the manufacturer must test the tyre in a demanding set of tests covering traction, grip, handling and braking in snow, ice and wet conditions – which is exactly what the Terratoura A/T did.

Additionally, M+S (mud and snow), indicates the Terratoura A/T is suitable for snowy or muddy conditions.

Whatever the British weather throws at us this summer (and so far it seems to be a lot of rain) you can be sure that it’s no match for the Terratoura A/T!

If you have more questions on the Terratoura A/T, contact your local Davanti dealer here or visit the product page.

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