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Here at Davanti Tyres, we combine expert engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, extensive testing and progressive development. We put tyres through rigorous testing regimes to ensure they deliver safe and predictable handling and a comfortable drive. Our tyres allow the driver to get the most out of their vehicle’s performance capabilities, delivering excellent value for money.

Peter Cross
Davanti Tyres General Manager

40+ Testing Disciplines

All Davanti tyres are put through a rigorous testing and development regime. Learn more about our testing disciplines below, or select a tyre to see which tests it has been subjected to.

Dry Braking

Wet Braking

Dry Handling

Wet Handling

Longitudinal Aquaplaning

Dry Stability

Dry Steering

Wet Circle

Ice Stability

Ice Steering

Ice Braking

Ice Acceleration

Ice Handling

Snow Stability

Snow Steering

Snow Braking

Snow Acceleration

Snow Handling

Sand Traction

Off-Road Stability

Off-Road Steering

Gravel Braking

Grass Traction

Off-Road Handling


5 Innovative Testing Locations

Applus+ IDIADA, Spain UTAC, Finland HORIBA MIRA, UK UTAC, UK Autódromo, Portugal
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