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Autonavigator test scores DX390 ahead of premium rivals

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  • This is the first time I have had Davanti Tyres fitted to my car. They were recommended to me by the engineer at the garage where they Service/MOT my car, and I can honestly say that they are so far an excellent choice and they come with an lifetime guarantee which is a bonus.
    Karol Hawthorn, Warrington
  • Fantastic tyres, good grip wet or dry, also wearing well - 5k so far
    Rob Williams, Telford
  • Got a full set of Davanti DX390s on my son's car. Immediately felt the difference, in both noise and general handling. The noise from the tyres is definitely reduced making any journey a lot quieter. The handling, especially in damp or wet conditions is excellent as the car feels a lot more sure footed. Good rim protection is also a great feature, helping to protect those precious alloy wheels. Overall a very good set of tyres at a very competitive price.
    David Taylor, Carluke
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Davanti Secures Strong Test Results at

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