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Where we tested Protoura Sport DSP Runflat

Wednesday 14th February 2024

When developing the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat tyre, it was crucial that it kept to the same strict standards set for the original Protoura Sport tyre. To do this, we utilised world-class independent testing facilities, ensuring the tyre was as safe and reliable as possible while retaining the same core performance that gave Protoura Sport its strong reputation.

We prioritised matching the expectations and standards placed on premium tyres, and to do this we had to go beyond the standard testing requirements. This required using some of the best facilities in Europe to create a runflat tyre of superior quality and high-performance levels that did not compromise on comfort and control, which is typically lost in runflat tyres when compared to traditional tyres.

To achieve this goal, the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat has undergone rigorous testing at the state-of-the-art Applus+ IDIADA testing facility in Spain, spanning 370 hectares and combining first-class test tracks and advanced workshops. This was in collaboration with our partner TREAD, an independent automotive testing organisation that works with the world’s most premium vehicle and tyre manufacturers, providing invaluable feedback for achieving top-level performance.

Applus+ IDIADA boasts some of the world’s best summer testing facilities and enables us to progressively test and improve Protoura Sport DSP Runflat, enhancing the product performance capabilities and ensuring that the tyre performs at the top of its class.

At Applus+ IDIADA, we conducted a series of standard wet and dry tests to assess performance under normal inflation. In addition, we carried out a series of additional tests beyond what is expected of us to conform to the EU standards, and as a result, we produced a premium, original equipment-level tyre.

Starting with the Rim Roll-Off test determines whether the tyre can remain attached to the rim when deflated and exposed to lateral forces. The RPA Sensitivity test – which is focused on vehicles equipped with TPMS sensors that alert drivers if their tyre pressure is too low – ensures that the tyre performs within the tolerance levels specified by these sensors. We also perform a Pop-On Pressure test, which measures the tyre’s stability on the rim when deflated. This test helps us calibrate the tyre’s bead tension accurately and assess its ability to apply enough pressure to the rim.

The result is an expansion of the Protoura Sport range, with the same performance you can trust. Engineered to deliver the same extraordinary levels of power and precision as the original Protoura Sport pattern.

You can learn more about the additional testing disciplines we placed Protoura Sport DSP Runflat on our blog how we test Protoura Sport DSP Runflat tyres, or check out the full Davanti range on our product page. If you are still unsure or interested in knowing more about the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat, reach out to your local Davanti dealer using our dealer locator.

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