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Tyre retailer helps Davanti enter the Ecuadorian market

Sunday 17th December 2023

Tyre retailer and distributor, Llantas 247, has joined the Davanti family as part of our expansion within South America.

The new partnership will see our first entry into the Ecuadorian market, with Llantas 247 stocking eight different patterns from the range to suit market demand. This includes; DX240, DX390, DX640, Alltoura H/T, Terratoura A/T, Protoura Sport and Protoura Race.

They are the first omnichannel tyre shop in Ecuador, managing several sales channels, including online, retail, distribution, car dealers and department stores. The customer journey begins online, with any initial advice customers are seeking and ends in-store, where the customer can experience the added value of quality, excellent service and warranty.

In addition, they are sub-distributors for more than 70 brands, and they maintain a virtual stock of more than 280,000 tyres.

Amilcar Lanzon, Davanti sales representative for South America, said:

“We have found an excellent partner in Ecuador in Llantas 247. Their two shops are boutiques where the Ecuadorian customer can experience high-quality service. Despite only entering into tyre distribution a short time ago, they know what they are doing and know how to promote their products very well, which puts our brand in a very important position in the market.”

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