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The benefits of all-season van tyres

Monday 26th February 2024

With many light commercial vehicle drivers using winter or summer tyres all year round, as we head into spring, it’s useful to ensure drivers and fleet managers understand the advantages all-season tyres can offer.

  • Year-round confidence: All-season tyres can deliver 90% of the performance of winter tyres and 98% of the performance of summer tyres. This perfect balance between both seasonal tyre types gives drivers a convenient, all-year-round option and real confidence in their tyres.
  • Economic benefits: With all-season tyres, fleet managers and drivers avoid the need to switch tyres as the seasons change. This not only saves downtime whilst vehicles are in the garage, but it also saves money, avoiding unnecessary tyre changes throughout the year.
  • Trustworthy performance on tricky terrains: As vans often tackle unpredictable weather and terrains during a regular working week, all-season van tyres are designed to combat these conditions to help lower the chance of any downtime or potential issues whilst on the road.

Opting for all-season tyres is a great choice for drivers covering the breadth of the UK, with the UK weather often turning from sunshine to rain in a matter of miles. Key attributes which give all-season tyres consistent performance include deeper grooves on the sidewall to help disperse water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning, as well as sipes for greater traction on icy roads.

To find out more about reliable all-season van tyres, check out Davanti’s Vantoura 4-Seasons. As the brand’s first dedicated all-season van tyre, it’s a popular and safe choice for light commercial vehicle users.

Alternatively, reach out to your local Davanti dealer using our dealer locator.

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