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Explainer: What is an All-Terrain tyre?

Monday 14th June 2021

Davanti Tyres has redefined ‘all-terrain’ with its next generation Terratoura A/T tyre.

But what makes a tyre all-terrain? And does it do the job you need it to? Our handy guide is here to help.

What defines an all-terrain tyre?

All-terrain tyres feature special tread designs engineered to optimise traction on a range of rough, off-road surfaces. Typically they have an interlocking tread design with larger, open gaps between the tread blocks to help prevent mud and debris getting stuck in the grooves and reducing traction on gravel, sand, dirt, grass and some mud.

When your vehicle returns to the road, all-terrain tyres perform better than more extreme mud terrain tyres, offering a quieter, more comfortable drive.

Are they only for 4x4s?

All-terrain tyres can be fitted to 2 wheel-drive vehicles. If your vehicle doesn’t have them fitted as standard, speak to your tyre fitter who can advise you.

Are they just for industrial and agricultural work?

No. All-terrain tyres tend to be fitted to a range of all-wheel-drive vehicles including pickup trucks and 4x4s, even light commercial vans can be found with all-terrain tyres fitted! From farmers to plumbers, architects to utility workers, even those who just like to go green-laning, all-terrain tyres are more common than ever before.

Why do I need all-terrain tyres?

If you have a vehicle that you intend to use on non-road surfaces where grip and handling may be challenging, you need to consider all-terrain tyres. Some premium 4x4s these days are sold with road tyres, or cross-terrain tyres fitted, but these are typically not engineered to give you the traction and bite you need on terrain that is rough, dry and dusty or wet, slippery and soft. All-terrain tyres are designed to make driving on unpredictable surfaces much more predictable, keeping you safe and on-course to get to your destination.

Are all-terrain tyres also all-season tyres?

Increasingly they are. When Davanti was developing Terratoura A/T one of the factors that made it stand out was having 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification – which means a tyre is legally certified as a winter tyre. It is now increasingly common, however always check to avoid getting caught out, especially if you live somewhere where winter tyres are a legal requirement for part of the year.

Discover more about Davanti’s Terratoura A/T range, available in 15”-21” fitments and with white lettering options.

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