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Do you need EV tyres?

Friday 23rd September 2022

Electric cars are becoming more popular than ever so it’s important to understand what special requirements they might have when it comes to tyres. Below are some important considerations to acknowledge before purchasing tyres for your electric vehicle.

Quieter drive

Electric vehicles tend to be much quieter than a typical fuel or petrol combustion engine, so it’s important that tyres for EVs complement this and are equally quiet. Tyre manufacturers are innovating with new ways to prevent noise such as a unique pattern design, or wrapping foam within the tyres to reduce the level of noise on the road. All tyres have a noise rating on their label scores which can help you in making a more informed decision during your next purchase.


Electric vehicles are typically heavier than traditional combustion engine vehicles due to the weight of the batteries needed to power the car. This means more wear and pressure on tyres, so it’s important to opt for tyres that can handle extra load requirements. Every vehicle has different specifications so to find out more about the requirements your electric vehicle needs, consult your manufacturer’s handbook.

Rolling resistance

EVs accelerate much faster and take longer to stop because of the additional weight. Unfortunately, this will mean faster wear on your tyres due to the extra strain versus a traditional car – you could even see up to 20% more wear, so it’s important to consider a tyre that is right for your needs. Not only that, additional torque impacts the range and performance of your vehicle.

Can I fit normal tyres to my EV?

There is no legal requirement for specific EV tyres to go on your electric vehicle, however, it’s important to consider everything above so that you get the best performance out of your vehicle and most importantly, tyre longevity for a safe ride.

It’s always recommended that you consult your local dealer for tyre fitting recommendations and questions on what’s best for your vehicle. You can use our handy dealer locator to contact your nearest Davanti dealer and learn more about your options.

Davanti’s DX440 is leading the way in EV fitments. It is the trusted tyre of the electric vehicle pioneers London Electric Vehicle Company which awarded our tyres 100% approval and the original equipment (OE) fitment for their VN5 electric vans, proving Davanti’s ability to perform in the growing world of electric vehicles.

Check out our commercial van tyre DX440 or learn more about our full range of tyres.

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