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Tom RS3 gives Protoura Sport the green light

Thursday 7th July 2022

The buzz around high performance cars is more prominent than ever. You don’t have to be part of the hobbyist community to recognise it – the sheer numbers of them on the road during your daily commute is enough of an indication of their popularity. But are they driven to their full potential using the right tyres?

Protoura Sport is increasingly being embraced by car enthusiasts as its popularity grows in the UHP market. One advocate who recently switched to Protoura is Tom.RS3, who was recommended the product by a friend.

Commenting on Protoura, he said: “I honestly cannot fault it. For years I used a tyre that most people will know as the leading performance tyre but since I moved to the Protoura Sport, I can honestly tell you that it’s better than its higher priced competitors. It performs well, wears well, and there is zero tyre noise. It ticks a lot of boxes.

“I’m putting a lot of power through these tyres and they more than hold their own. I know I have the grip and traction I need.

“The Protoura Sport is a top tier tyre and having had them for 6 months now I can’t fault them at all. I will definitely be sticking with the Davanti brand in the future.”

Keep up to date with Tom’s adventures on Protoura Sport here.

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