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What to look out for when choosing winter tyres

Tuesday 28th November 2023

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, it is important to consider switching to winter tyres. Over the last few years, these tyres have become increasingly popular, with many drivers learning the benefits.

However, for those still unsure how to pick the right winter tyre or what to look out for, we have put together this handy guide. Read on to learn more.

Understanding the basics of winter tyres

When the temperature drops, the performance of your conventional tyres also decreases, so this is where winter tyres come into play. Winter tyres are designed to get maximum grip, traction and performance from your vehicle once the temperature drops below 7°c.

They do this thanks to their unique design, consisting of sipes and deeper grooves, which pack snow into the tread and help the tyres retain traction on icy and snow-covered roads. Winter tyres are also made from a different compound, which remains soft even in minus temperatures, further improving grip, even on dry roads, and delivering greater fuel economy.

Legal Requirements and Winter Tyre Standards

Several European countries have now introduced regulations that mandate the use of winter tyres when the temperature falls below 7°c. Although these regulations vary from country to country, it is important to stay up-to-date with the local laws to ensure you meet the legal requirements.

It is also worth noting that for these tyres to be legally driven in the winter, they must all be certified with the 3PMSF (3-Peak Mountain Snowflake) and M+S accreditations. While no tests are required for your tyres to be marked M+S (self-certification by the manufacturer), 3PMSF requires proper testing to European standards to allow manufacturers to place it on the sidewalls, and provide consumers with confidence that their tyres will be safe in the winter.

There is more than one type of seasonal tyre

In the winter, your choices are not just limited to winter tyres. All-season tyres, as the name suggests, provide a perfect balance and performance capable of driving safely in the summer and winter without the inconvenience of swapping and storing your tyres.

While they do not quite match the performance of a conventional winter tyre, all-season tyres still provide 90% of the performance you can expect from a winter tyre. They also offer 98% of the performance of a summer tyre, excelling in temperate climates such as the UK.

Summer and winter tyre fitments should align

One of the worst things you can do is mix seasonal tyres, and in many countries, this is generally prohibited. It is recommended that you avoid doing this to retain the most optimal safety and performance out of your vehicle. The negative impact may be greater than you realise, as winter and summer tyres are designed to handle distinctive climates and may lead to loss of control of your vehicle and worsened traction, jeopardising the safety of you and your passengers.

Choose the right tyre type for your vehicle

Similar to summer tyres, winter tyres come in many types to cater to your needs. So it is best to ensure that when you’re swapping your tyres out you match like for like. Davanti Wintoura has a full offering of winter tyres to suit your needs. Whether you drive a car, van or SUV, we have something available for you, so check out our product page for more information.

The Davanti Range of 3PMSF Winter and All-season tyres

Additionally, we also offer a range of All-Season tyres, including Alltoura 4-Seasons and Vantoura 4-Seasons, and All-Terrain tyres including Terratoura A/T, all of which are certified with 3PMSF markings, to ensure that they can be driven legally and safely around Europe.

Have more questions? Reach out to us using our contact form, or contact one of our many Davanti dealers using our handy dealer locator.

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