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Terratoura is a big hit in Cyprus hills

Tuesday 1st October 2019

The arid, storied landscape of the island of Cyprus played host to the latest chapter of the Terratoura odyssey.

Davanti’s groundbreaking all-terrain tyre travelled across the Mediterranean to offer customers of distributor Iacovos P. Constantinides Ltd the full Terratoura off-road experience.

From dusty, rocky outcrops at extreme angles to deep, flooded pools, customers were able to test out almost every extreme terrain and condition Terratoura could overcome.

“The event was a fantastic opportunity for tyre retailers in Cyprus,” said Iacovos. “Rather than reading about the Terratoura’s performance they were able to feel it.

“In the vehicle they knew how hard they were pushing the tyres and they understood precisely how impressively they performed. After that there is not much to say!”

Davanti Mainland Europe Sales Director Michael Eckert said bringing retailers together to put Terratoura through its paces in the environment their customers will expect it to perform was an eye-opener.

“We basically created all the extremes that the Cypriot off-road driver could encounter and let them tackle them head-on,” he said.

“They are the experts in their area, their location. They understand how the tyres will be used and driven by their customers and what those customers expect from their all-terrain tyres in the Cypriot environment.

“By the end of the event all our guests had developed their own, detailed understanding of the product and I think they were surprised with both how well it handled the challenges and how comfortable and quiet it was while doing it.”

See video highlights from the event at youtube.com/c/DavantiTyresTV.

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