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Prepare for the seasonal tyre changeover

Thursday 24th February 2022

It may be hard to believe after the recent weather events, but spring is almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about swapping your winter tyres for summer tyres.

If this isn’t something you are used to, or want to know more about why it’s important to make the change, read on for our handy FAQs.

Why can’t I drive on my winter tyres in summer?

It’s not advisable to drive on winter tyres during summer for several reasons:

  • The rolling resistance of a winter tyre is greater than that of a summer tyre, which, while this is helpful in providing grip in wintry conditions, is not useful in warmer temperatures and actually causes drivers to consume fuel quicker
  • Winter tyres are designed with a soft, flexible tread to prevent the cold temperatures from reducing the life of the tyre and to give better traction on slippery road surfaces. Applying this tread to warm, dry roads will quickly wear the tyre down, and it makes them less responsive, causing a danger to road users

When do I need to change my tyres over?

When the temperature consistently sits above 7 degrees, it’s time to make the switch to summer tyres.

I’ve had my summer tyres in storage, are they safe to drive on?

It’s always best to check over any tyres that have been in storage for several months. Tyres that haven’t been stored properly can have a reduced life and may even require replacement.

Tyres should be stored in the following ways:

  • Out of direct sunlight
  • In an airtight plastic bag
  • Away from chemicals
  • Either stood upright, stacked or hanging

It’s best to get your tyres checked by a professional before having them fitted onto your vehicle again.

We have a wide range of summer tyres suitable for passenger cars, including Protoura Sport, DX390, DX640, DX240 and DX740.

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