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Off-roading safety tips with Terratoura A/T

Friday 15th March 2024

Off-roading can be an exciting adventure and hobby for some or a crucial part of a job for others. Whatever the purpose, encountering potentially hazardous terrains is a certainty that may cause even the most adept drivers trouble.

Preparation is essential

Before hitting the road, there are a few important preparation steps you should take. Firstly, check the weather and road conditions each day to ensure you have the necessary equipment to deal with any potential issues. The essentials include a toolkit, shovel, and first aid kit. However, if you expect to encounter snow, it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag, thick blankets, and additional food to stay safe.

It is also crucial to check your tyres for any punctures or signs of wear and ensure that the tread depth is above the legal limit. Any of these issues can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance, reduce its ability to do its job and may lead to getting stuck.

Lastly, scout the route before setting off, and prepare for the terrains that you might not expect such as high drops, or slopes that would topple your vehicle.   

Have a recovery plan

Even those with years of experience may find themselves in a difficult situation with limited options available. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have recovery options in place, such as a partner who can assist you, or if you are alone, a list of emergency contacts. 

If your vehicle becomes stuck, it is recommended that you minimise the amount of time you allow your tyres to spin. Excessive spinning may cause your vehicle to sink even further into the ground, making it even harder to move.

Driving with a partner

If you encounter issues, it is always better to have someone around to offer you a helping hand if you run into any hazards or get stuck. While it is not recommended,  if you choose to go alone, make sure you have made others aware of your plans and locations in case something goes wrong. 

Wearing a seatbelt

When off-roading, the risks are different to normal road use but just as dangerous. Uneven terrain can bounce you about, reducing your ability to control your vehicle. In the event of the vehicle being flipped, you could be thrown from the vehicle, which is why it’s critical that everyone travelling wears a seatbelt, keeping you secure and safe if you encounter any dangers. 

Plan the route, use known trails or courses

For the inexperienced, you can find dedicated courses or trails offering increased safety and confidence.  You may also seek out training courses with those who can provide expert advice and support where you need it with private instructors and private tours.  

Starting on easier trails can build up your driving experience and confidence.

The right tyre can make a difference

Tyres are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle so ensure you pick the right one. With Davanti’s Terratoura A/T, we focused on creating an all-weather, all-terrain tyre that offers market-leading traction, control and debris ejection – plus Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake winter certification. Whether it’s snowing or blazing heat, Terratoura A/T continues to perform and provide a safe drive for those who go through the most hazardous environments.  

You can learn more about Terratoura A/T on our product page, or check out how we tested Terratoura A/T to its limits on our blog.

Are you looking to learn more? Check out the rest of our blogs, or if you are looking for more advice or a local tyre dealer, check out our handy dealer locator.

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