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How we tested Terratoura A/T to its limits

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Engineered to keep moving while off the beaten track, the Terratoura A/T tyre is designed to perform on gravel, grass, sand and rocks as the ultimate all-terrain tyre.

Providing the perfect 50/50 balance of highway and off-road performance, here’s how we tested and developed the tyre to achieve three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certification and a spot in Land Rover Monthly’s Top 10 tyres within just six months of the launch.

Tested at leading European facilities.

To achieve the ultimate all-terrain tyre, our Terratoura A/T was subjected to a series of rigorous testing regimes across three of Europe’s most challenging independent test facilities.
To finesse performance in summer conditions, at Applus+ IDIADA’s facilities in Spain, the Terratoura A/T showed its ability to perform on-and-off road in warmer climates, outperforming other mid-range and premium competitors.

Elsewhere in Europe, the Terratoura A/T was put through its paces in demanding Arctic conditions. It was here – at UTAC in Finland – where the tyre earned its 3PMSF and M+S certification, putting the tyre in an exclusive club of A/T tyres certified for harsh winter conditions.
Back in Davanti’s home country, at Millbrook’s leading facilities, the tyre showed its ability on mud, sand and grass, as well as its gravel braking capabilities.You can find out more information here.

And by leading off-roader, Edd Cobley…

Beyond the formal testing, the Terratoura A/T tyres are pushed to their limits in naturally challenging environments, thanks to our partnership with British off-road racing legend, Edd Cobley. You can find out more about the partnership on our blog; why Edd races on Terratoura A/T tyres.

Edd Cobley has seen enormous success over his career, gaining accolades such as 3-times Defender Rally Champion. Given the nature of off-road racing, he needs tyres he can rely on to perform and keep him in control when battling extreme courses. In his own words: “It’s an incredible tyre. It handles surfaces that other leading all-terrain tyres simply can’t get through.”

Achieving 3PMSF certification

3PMSF, short for Three Peak Mountain Snowflake, is the best way to know a tyre is equipped and certified to drive in challenging conditions, such as snow and ice. The certification applies to an exclusive number of tyres – including Terratoura A/T.

Awarded and certified by the EU to ensure that you can be confident in the safety of your winter and all-season tyres, it is an accolade which demonstrates the rigorous testing the Terratoura A/T has been through to create a leading all-terrain tyre.

To find out more about our testing methods, locations and the technology that goes into the tyre, you can read our brochure.

For further information about the Davanti Tyres Terratoura A/T and whether it is suitable for your vehicle, contact your local Davanti dealer.

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