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North West 4×4 Response rises to Covid challenge with Terratoura

Tuesday 18th August 2020

When the global pandemic forced people to restrict movement for the safety of the wider population, rural communities were hit hard.

The logistical challenges of supplying medical care to those who were shielding and protective equipment to those tasked with caring for them was a major challenge.

Step forward North West 4×4 Response. Since Covid-19 struck they have been providing support to the NHS and care organisations to ensure that Covid-19 testing kits, PPE and food parcels have been able to reach those living in the most remote areas of the North West.

Davanti is a proud partner of North West 4×4 Response, with its Terratoura all-terrain tyre playing a key role in keeping the groups band of self-funded volunteers mobile through thick mud, floodwater and challenging moorland terrain.

Using their own 4×4 vehicles North West 4×4 Response have provided a critical link for those who have been unable to leave their homes since March, covering 3,208 miles on 55 deployments.

More recently the group has also had to assist emergency services as a number of heavy thunderstorms have overwhelmed drainage systems causing flash flooding which only 4×4 vehicles can navigate safely.

“This has been an unusual year for everyone,” said John Knights, Trustee of North West 4×4 Response.

“Usually at this time of year we are assisting festivals and raising money to carry us through the busy winter months. But this year we have been helping to deliver scrubs, masks, coronavirus testing kits and food to those who need them most.

“We are not professionals, we are regular volunteers, but we have the equipment and knowledge to support key services and workers in places where you need specialist skills.

“Terratoura has played its part. We are approaching 12 months since we partnered with Davanti and whenever we have been deployed, the tyres have been more than up to the task.

“Davanti’s Terratoura tyres have earned our confidence in the field in all seasons. They are a valued member of the team.”

Discover North West 4×4 Response at Explore Terratoura here.

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