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Why Edd Cobley races on Terratoura A/T

Sunday 17th December 2023

British off-road racing legend and Terratoura A/T ambassador Edd Cobley has seen enormous success over his career, gaining accolades such as 3-times Defender Rally Champion and 2015 Hill Rally Champion. Given the nature of off-road racing, he needs tyres he can rely on to perform and keep him in control when battling extreme courses.

He chooses to race on Terratoura A/T tyres, and here are four reasons why…


When navigating unpredictable off-road courses with varying surfaces, Edd puts his Defender through its paces, and thanks to the resilience of Terratoura A/T, he can rely on the tyres to support him and Skippy 2.0, whatever the conditions.

Unrivalled strength

Terratoura A/T’s construction provides Edd with unrivalled strength. Its wide shoulder grooves allow for efficient dispersion of mud, sand and dust, increasing traction, which ultimately keeps Edd on track and therefore minimises damage to the vehicle.

Confidence in steering

The centre rib of the tyre provides stable steering on uneven ground, giving Edd the confidence to throw Skippy 2.0 around at dynamic angles when competing.

Reinforced sidewall

The reinforced sidewall also allows Edd to abuse the tyres, when needed, with its added strength.

Hear from Edd himself on why he races on Terratoura A/T in this video.


For more information about Terratoura A/T, contact your local Davanti dealer.

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