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Get to know Italian Rally Driver Silvia Franchini

Tuesday 28th March 2023

Our Italian subsidiary, Davanti Tyres SRL, has announced a new partnership with Silvia Franchini, an Italian rally driver. As Silvia prepares for the upcoming 2023 Aci Sport Rally Championship, we had the opportunity to catch up with her to discuss her racing history and preparations for the championship.

Q: What is the championship you compete in and who do you race for?

In 2023 I will compete to try to win the Aci Italian Cup. I will be racing in my own car, a Mini Cooper S built by the “ Scasetese rally team”. The team includes myself, Alessandro Iannucci and Mirko Ciabini.

Q: How long have you raced professionally for?

I have raced at a competitive level since 2017.

Q: When did you realise you wanted to become a rally driver?

In my heart I always knew. In 2016 when I went to the cinema to watch “Veloce come il vento”, my determination was unstoppable to want to race, after a break from karting. I stopped due to the terrible earthquake that hit my city in 2009.

Q: Who did you look up to when you first started your career?

My rally idol was Sebastian Loeb because he was a very strong racing driver and he drove and still drives like a great rally legend. In motorsport I loved Senna, too. He was extraordinary as a driver and as a person.

Q: Tell us one interesting fact people may not know about you.

I love cats (my mascot is a black cat), I play the saxophone, and I like trekking and horse riding.

Q: How are preparations going for the 2023 Aci Sport Rally Championship so far?

The preparations are going well. In my mind I have a clear vision and I hope to achieve it. I’m ready!

Q: How many events are you participating in?

I’m getting ready for the following races:

  • Rally Terra di Argil
  • Rally del Matese
  • Rally Roma Capitale
  • Rally del Gargaano
  • Rally del Lazio

Q: Do the stages in the ACI Sport Rally Championship take place on multiple surfaces? (e.g Dirt, Snow, Tarmac).

The Aci Sport Rally Championship takes place on a tarmac road. In rally sport a tarmac road isn’t like a track, it’s a mix of roads with bumps, mud, gravel, jumps and other difficult elements, so you must always stay focussed to get to the finish line.

Q: Is there an event you are most looking forward to competing in and if so, why?

Yes, I’m looking forward to competing in “Rally Roma Capitale”. I love Rome and we’ll be very excited to start the competition with the backdrop of the Coliseum.

All the rally cars will parade in front of the Coliseum and through the imperial forums.

Also there will be many famous drivers because it will be the stage for the European Championship, too. It will be a wonderful event.

Q: Are there any events or stages you find particularly challenging?

The championship is very challenging in all respects but I have the grit and determination to face it.

Q: Has anything changed from last season that you have had to adapt to for 2023?

I changed my co-driver and she will be with me from the start to the end of the Championship. So it is a very nice change!

Q: Tell us about your Mini Cooper S. Have you made any adjustments to the car for the new season?

Yes, I have. I changed the Mini’s livery and this year I will also fit a hydraulic handbrake and a lightweight single mass flywheel. Then my team and I will fit the new safety tank introduced by the FIA standards.

Q: How did you find racing on Protoura Sport tyres last year? What do you enjoy most about competing on them?

Protoura Sport tyres are very surprising. This tyre has an excellent grip and it gives me a nice feeling of control and stability when braking, too. Great job guys!

Q: How do you find being a female in the motorsport industry?

It is difficult to be a woman in the motorsport industry, because usually some men are afraid to be defeated by a woman or they think a woman can’t drive as well as they can.

Q: Do you compete against more men or women, or is it a mix of both?

It is a mix of both, although there are more men than women.

Q: Who is your co-driver? How long have you been competing with them?

I always have female co-drivers, but they are always different. This year I’m going to race with Nicoletta Deidda, a great co-driver who comes from Sardinia.

Q: Do you get the opportunity to recce / scout the stages prior to each event?

Prior to each event my co-driver and I can carry out a recce of the stages up to three times, during which we have the chance to make notes about the route.

You can keep up with Silvia Franchini’s progress and all the action of the upcoming 2023 Aci Sport Rally Championship by following our social channels or visiting the championship’s website. Or if you’re looking to learn more about our other partnerships check out you can learn more here.

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