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First Davanti superstore opens in China

Wednesday 27th October 2021

KaiSi Auto Parts City has become the first dedicated Davanti-branded store in China.

Newly opened, the store stocks a range of our best-selling and long-standing products, including Protoura Sport, DX390 and DX640.

Open to the public, the store not only provides tyres for sale, it also offers a fitting service.

This is the first step for shop owner, Mr.Zhang Junzhi, to becoming an established Davanti distributor in Shanghai and building consumer confidence in the brand.

The fully branded, double-fronted store showcases the brand, partnerships and key products all under one roof in an impactful way, cementing the Davanti name in the minds of local consumers.

Peter Cross, General Manager for Davanti, said:

‘‘This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the Davanti brand within Shanghai and beyond. To have a fully branded shop front in China’s biggest city provides a different level of exposure to consumers that can only accelerate our growth.’’

Wilson Zhang, Vice General Manager for Davanti, said:

“We are continually working to develop the Davanti brand in this highly competitive market, as well as potential markets including the growth of private car ownership. Davanti products are pitched at the top end of the market here in China as a typical UK brand, bringing higher margins for our customers when compared to selling other premium brands.

“We support customers through the whole sales journey, from the point of becoming a Davanti retailer, to selling our tyres onto the end user, which ensures consistency in our messaging and ultimately, brand recognition.”

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