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Explainer: What is a UHP tyre?

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Davanti Tyres has launched the next generation of UHP tyres with its premium Protoura Sport® tyre.
But what defines a UHP – or Ultra High Performance – tyre? Is it right for you? This handy guide will explain all.

How is a UHP tyre different from a standard tyre?

UHP tyres have become more common in recent years as vehicles of all types – from family saloons and sedans to SUVs, have become sportier and been fitted with larger, lower profile tyres. Typically UHP tyres are built from different rubber and silica compounds than standard tyres. This gives them the ability to grip and react at higher speeds than standard tyres.

Their tread patterns are carefully engineered to maximise the amount of tyre in contact with the road – the contact patch – and to keep a vehicle travelling smoothly in the direction the driver intends with tread blocks designed to maintain stability and control.

All this is combined to produce tyres which remain reliable and composed when fitted to finely-balanced vehicles with significant horsepower such as supercars, sports cars and premium SUVs.

Are they just for supercars?

No. Chances are if you are driving a new premium SUV with thin, low profile tyres you have UHP tyres fitted. Today’s UHP tyre is more versatile than ever, able to handle the speed and agility of a high-powered coupe as well as the pulling power and weight of a large family vehicle.

Why do I need UHP tyres?

If your vehicle had UHP tyres fitted originally, you need them now. UHP tyres are designed to enhance your safety in a vehicle with high-performance characteristics, delivering the shortest stopping distances, greater lateral grip and more intuitive control than standard tyres at high speeds.

Davanti’s research and development programme tests prototype UHP tyres at Europe’s toughest testing facilities with independent experts to develop high levels of braking and handling response. If a prototype does not meet one of its benchmarks it returns to the start of the testing programme to be re-engineered.

This level of research and testing for UHP tyres ensures that you can enjoy maximum safety and reliability in wet and dry conditions.

Are UHP tyres track tyres?

They are not pure racing tyres, however they can be used on track days. They are designed to work with your vehicle to extract maximum performance and to give the drive a greater connection to the car and the road. If you do decide to take part in a track day, a good set of UHP tyres will make the experience more memorable.

If they are sporty, does that mean they are uncomfortable?

No. UHP tyres are not designed purely for speed. With so many vehicles now fitted with them, UHP tyres need to blend performance with comfort and low noise. UHP tyres are pleasant to drive on every day, but if you need to legally drive in a more spirited but safe fashion, your UHP tyres will help keep things under control.

How long will they last?

This depends on the type of vehicle and your driving style, but today’s UHP tyres are not designed to sacrifice longevity for performance. By employing agencies like DEKRA to conduct wear tests, Davanti ensures its UHP tyres are built to last.

Discover more about Davanti’s UHP range.

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