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Davanti’s New Run Flats Challenge the Best

Friday 2nd February 2018

Following extensive research and development Davanti has this month launched its first range of run flat tyres.

The UK-based manufacturer’s team of designers and product developers has been working to create Davanti’s own run flat for several years. Their ultimate goal was to create a run flat tyre which comfortably exceeded the ISO 16992 guidelines on run flat performance (that a run flat must be capable of travelling a minimum distance of 50 miles at a speed of 50mph).

Davanti, which launched its first tyre in 2015, also wanted its first run flat to match or surpass the performance of rival European brands which have been producing these tyres for decades.

“It has been a long road to get here,” said Gary Cross, Product Manager at Davanti. “We knew we wanted to launch a new run flat range into the market, but we were only willing to do it if we could develop a product that ranked among the best.”

Initially on sale in six sizes across the DX390 and DX640 patterns, Davanti’s run flat is built with a reinforced internal sidewall using Davanti’s innovative DSP technology.

It achieves premium run flat performance without giving up Davanti’s trademark longevity, handling and reliability. No pressure? No problem!

Davanti run flats also come with all the same guarantees and performance properties as conventional Davantis, including the Tyre Life Guarantee.

“Drivers who invest in run flats are highly safety-conscious and will be aware if standards fall short when they most need to rely on them. We understood that at the outset and set ourselves the target of developing a product that beat all guidelines and regulations for run flat performance.

“Consumers have needed a competitively priced, reliable run flat for some time. As we were assessing the range of tyres in the sector we discovered that there were a number of budget and even mid-range run flat tyres on the market whose performance and reliability fell short.

“We were simply unwilling to compromise. If a run flat was going to carry the Davanti name, it needed to stand up against the best currently available.

“Thanks to the fantastic hard work of our team we have realised that goal and the Davanti run flat range is available to dealers now.”

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