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Check your tyres before you travel this Easter

Friday 25th March 2022

Spring has arrived, which means Easter is just around the corner, and many families will be preparing for a UK getaway to make the most of the long weekend.

During the chaos that inevitably precedes a staycation, it’s easy to overlook key vehicle checks including tyre maintenance, but this is critical to a safe and pleasant journey, particularly if you are going a long distance. Remember that your tyres are your only connection between the vehicle and the road, and neglecting them could be dangerous and costly.

Here are the main things to check over before setting off on your well-deserved break:

Visible checks

Firstly, check around the tyres for any obvious cuts, bulges, cracks or splits. Any sign of these, and it’s important to get them checked over by a professional as they could damage the structure of the tyre and lead to a blowout if left.

Also, don’t dismiss items like stones if you see them lodged within the tread. They may look harmless at first glance, but they should be removed rather than leaving them and running the risk of a puncture.


Tyre pressure should be adjusted according to the weight you are carrying in the vehicle – the values for your car will be different for unladen driving and heavier loads. You can usually find what your tyre pressure levels should be by checking the handbook, any stickers located on the fuel cap, or on the inside of the doors.

Tyre pressure can increase with the warmer temperatures, so it’s important to keep this in mind as we move into the summer months. Be sure to adjust the pressure when the tyres are cool (ideally at least 3 hours after driving on them), as the heat can alter the values, meaning any levels changed when the tyres are still hot may not be accurate.

If you’re driving around during your holiday to nearby towns or beaches, don’t forget to adjust the pressure for unladen driving, and equally, readjust when travelling back home with a car full of luggage.

Don’t forget the spare!

It’s easy to overlook the condition of your spare tyre, but it’s important to make sure the tyre is still safe to drive on should you need to use it. Tyres have a lifespan, and storing them over long periods of time can be damaging as they become brittle in the changing temperatures.

Tread depth

Another key tyre safety check to carry out before any long journey is the tread depth. An easy way to do this is take a 20p coin and place it in the grooves across several areas of the tread. If the outer band of the coin is hidden when inside the grooves, this shows your tyres have sufficient tread above the legal limit.

Don’t overdo it

Don’t be tempted to fill the car with luggage. Your tyres will have a maximum load capacity, so you should consider the amount of passengers you are carrying as well as suitcases. This is equivalent to a weight in kilograms, which you can find in your vehicle documentation. It’s also worth remembering that should you need to use your spare tyre, you will inevitably need to unload everything in the boot to get to it, and doing so on the side of a narrow country lane or on the hard shoulder is a frightening thought.

Choosing the right tyres

Naturally, tyres wear down over time, and sometimes those factors that accelerate tyre wear such as potholes are unavoidable. However, choosing budget tyres can also shorten their lifespan due to the quality of the compound, which is why going mid-range can be a great solution for peace of mind.

Our summer tyre range – DX240, DX390, DX640, DX740, Protoura Sport – includes the following core technical features that work together to maximise the life of the tyre:

  • Extended rigid crown ply and flexible sidewalls provide a consistent wear profile and optimum road contact
  • A solid central tread block design has inner sections working dynamically to alter performance throughout the tyre’s life
  • Integrated rim protection flange provides quality protection to alloy wheels against damage

You can find your nearest Davanti dealer here for further professional advice and tyre checks.

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