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All-season tyres or Summer Tyres?

Monday 20th May 2024

As summer in the UK can typically be very unpredictable, motorists will often find themselves in different weather conditions, quickly changing from sunshine to rain within the hour. Therefore, being able to take on your commute or a long journey with peace of mind knowing that your tyres can perform whatever the weather is important.

But with so many tyres available, as we head towards summer, let’s discuss the key differences between summer and all-season tyres to help ensure you find the right set of tyres for you.

Uncovering the role of summer tyres

If you are looking for a smooth drive and optimal performance throughout the warmer months, then summer tyres could be an option for you. Summer tyres are designed to provide top performance on both dry and wet roads, and they’re specifically crafted to deliver optimal performance in temperatures above 7°C.

For drivers opting for summer tyres, it’s important to consider the advantages to seasonal tyre swaps, as well as storage requirements. Overall, summer tyres can offer better economy in the long-run – as winter tyres are softer, they can become malleable on warm roads, which can lead to performance issues and affect responsiveness. Therefore, by making the switch to summer tyres, you’re saving money in the long run by prolonging the amount of use you can get out of your tyres.

But drivers will need to ensure they have suitable storage solutions to keep the tyres in a safe environment during the months when not in use. If storing tyres at home isn’t an option, some garages can offer tyre storage solutions throughout the year; however, this type of storage does come at a cost.

Davanti offers a wide range of summer tyres, designed for cars, SUVs, and vans. For example, the Davanti DX640, is a dynamically designed passenger and SUV tyre for maximum grip and ultra-high performance, perfect for use in the warmer months.
And if high performance driving is on your agenda this summer, why not opt for a tyre that will deliver unbeatable performance. Davanti’s Protoura Sport provides extreme control, grip, and comfort on the road.

It’s important to note, if you do go ahead with summer tyres, drivers should check the rules and regulations in the countries they are heading to as in some parts of Europe, it is a legal requirement to change your summer tyres in winter – so don’t get caught out on summer tyres at the wrong time of year.

Why all-season tyres could be for you

However, if you’re frequently driving in regions with mild winter conditions and less extreme changes in temperature and you want to avoid the hassle of seasonal tyre swaps, all-season tyres might be an economical and more convenient choice.
All-season tyres are developed with a slightly harder compound compared to summer tyres, allowing the tyre to be more adaptable in varying weather conditions. The hardness of the compound provides good grip in dry conditions for extra durability in summer, whilst also being able to flex and perform in colder, more damp scenarios too.

Developed with varied climate countries in mind, all-season tyres can provide the safety of winter and summer tyres in one. Davanti now offers a range of all-season tyres for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with the Alltoura 4-Seasons, Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons and Vantoura 4-Seasons – perfect for any driver who is looking for peace of mind that they are prepared whatever the weather.

Our all-season range is also suitable for use in countries with winter tyre legislation. When looking for a tyre that will deliver performance in colder temperatures, simply look out for the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) and M+S symbols on the sidewalls of your tyres. These markings are now an industry standard and are the best indicator that your tyre is equipped and certified to drive in the snow.

When it comes to choosing the right tyre, summer and all-season tyres can offer a tyre perfect for any motorist’s day-to-day needs, but it’s important to think about the above, before you take the plunge.

If you have more questions on the seasonal change, contact your local Davanti dealer here.

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