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4×4 journalists give Terratoura seal of approval

Tuesday 4th June 2019

Respected 4×4 journalists have been heaping praise on Terratoura after testing Davanti’s debut all-terrain tyre against a premium rival.

Since it hit the market in early 2019 Terratoura has been turning heads, but when some of the auto industry’s top journalists got the chance to try it against a popular and well-established market leading premium tyre, what was their verdict?

In the July 2019 edition of Pickup & 4×4 Pro magazine, assistant editor Mike Trott wrote that compared to its premium opponent, ‘the Terratoura would edge the composure stakes and even when trying to provoke the tyre to break traction on some of the steepest hill climbs, the tyre would minimise wheelspin, claw into the ground and drag the vehicle onwards and upwards’.

Later he added: ‘on inspection, once driving was complete, the Terratoura looked the cleaner of the two tyres, illustrating its proficiency in shifting crud from within its own tread.’

Similarly in the June edition of esteemed publication Land Rover Monthly, editor Patrick Cruywagen wrote that while the premium all-terrain tyre lost traction and slid, Terratoura: ‘held firm no matter how hard I tried to lose traction.’

He concluded that a Land Rover driver ‘would be a fool not to consider the Terra’.

Read the full Pickup & 4×4 Pro review of Teratoura now here. The June edition of Lanrd Rover Monthly is still available in shops or online through your digital newsstand provider.

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