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  • Very good.
    Sam Evans, Wolverhampton
  • I am currently very satisfied with my Davanti tyres and the fitters.
    jo owen, Coventry
  • Well, I'm glad to say that I'm impressed with these tyres. I have found that road noise is significantly reduced in comparison the the previous brand I was using. [Cheap brand fitted by a certain car dealership] Fuel efficiency is better too. Most of all, I am really impressed by the greater confidence I have when it comes to grip in the wet or on a greasy road surface. Also when joining a busy flow of traffic, they have plenty grip to get me out and up to speed without causing others to take action to avoid collision. * * * Essential on the A9 * * * My previous tyres had let me down a couple of times due to lack of adhesion to the road surface. Really pleased with them guys. I'll be needing new tyres on the rears soon, I'll be going back to Economy Tyres Perth, and insisting on Davanti Tyres!!
    J A Stewart, Aberfeldy
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