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Wonder Wintoura tyre adds new sizes for second successive winter

Tuesday 9th July 2019

The success of Davanti’s Wintoura winter tyre range shows no sign of slowing down as the brand adds yet more fitments to the family this year.

Having almost doubled the range of sizes and applications available in its winter range in 2018 to 93, this year’s expansion is more modest. The range will grow to 111 fitments, bringing in sizes that are now growing in popularity across small and medium car, UHP, SUV and van to keep Wintoura ahead of the curve.

Since it was launched two years ago, Wintoura has proved hugely popular in areas where winter tyres are required for the colder months of the year.

Available in 55 countries, it carries three peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) certification, allowing it to be used as a winter tyre even in countries with very strict winter tyre regulations.

By coupling winter performance with the trademark Davanti traits of comfort, longevity, control and low noise – not to mention impressive braking and grip – the Wintoura has won the hearts and minds of experienced winter drivers across the world.

Davanti’s Southeast Europe Regional Sales Manager Danijel Tomašić is at the forefront of meeting the demand for Wintoura. Much of Southern, Central and Northern Europe either legislates for or advises that winter tyres are used for part of the year and Danijel believes Wintoura has breathed life into the market.

“Wintoura has shaken things up a bit in the colder countries,” he said. “In the past customers would buy winter tyres out of habit, while summer tyres may be given a little more thought regarding performance.

“But as word has spread about Wintoura, many drivers are seeking them out and foregoing their traditional brands and models in favour of the Davanti marque.

“Our successive range expansions have been necessary as demand has been so high. Sizes which would never be factored into an initial launch run have been requested so often that we have accelerated our plans to grow Wintoura over the past 24 months.”

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