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Wintoura – cold weather performance you can count on from Davanti Tyres

Thursday 22nd July 2021

When the cold, wet grip of winter arrives, take control with the Wintoura range from Davanti Tyres.

Davanti’s flagship winter tyre range has continuously grown in popularity since its launch four years ago. With 131 fitments from 14” to 22” available across four distinct styles, if you need a winter tyre, there’s a Wintoura for you.

In addition to the standard Wintoura tyre, Davanti also offers Wintoura+ for ultra-high-performance fitments, Wintoura SUV for larger family vehicles and Wintoura Van for light commercial applications.

All four have dedicated tread patterns designed to optimise performance in wet, ice and snowy conditions.

Every Wintoura maintains comfort, handling and responsive braking performance in low-friction conditions. The Wintoura+ tread pattern is designed to enhance the wet-weather performance of high-powered vehicles, while Wintoura SUV’s engineering delivers optimal control under a higher load while maintaining comfort through varying pitch sizes. Wintoura Van is also designed to enhance cold weather control under significant load while offering hard-wearing longevity to minimise cost-per-mile.

The key to Wintoura’s performance is its advanced silica compound, formulated to retain flexibility and strength when average temperatures fall below 7°C. Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, the Wintoura range commonly features wide grooves punctuated by carefully designed channels and sipes to maximise water and snow dispersion and increase traction.

Davanti Tyres, Regional Sales Manager for South East Europe Danijel Tomašić said “Wintoura was important for consumers in any market where average winter temperatures fall to single figures or lower.

“Safety is at the heart of everything Davanti Tyres does,” he said. “A high-quality, excellent value winter offering makes driving safety accessible to all.

“With some countries legislating that drivers must use winter tyres for part of the year, it’s vital that your offering is reasonably priced while delivering outstanding performance.

“Winter can throw all sorts of extreme weather at us, especially in recent years. Our research and development team has created a range of winter tyres which perform extremely well in both wet and cold conditions to give drivers that extra confidence when the conditions are bitter and unpredictable.”

For more information and to see the Davanti Wintoura range in action, please click here. For Wintoura enquiries contact [email protected].

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