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What is Vantoura 4-Seasons? The efficient, safe choice for your fleet

Monday 15th November 2021

Demand for all-season tyres is growing across the UK and Europe as weather patterns becomes more unpredictable.

Davanti Tyres has launched Vantoura 4-Seasons, its first dedicated on-road, all-season range aimed at the nation’s light commercial van drivers.

Available in 11 initial sizes from 15” to 16”, Vantoura 4-Seasons is Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified – where winter tyres are required by law, Vantoura 4-Seasons are road-legal.

Thanks to its specialised silica compound, Vantoura 4-Seasons can also stay fitted through the summer. Tested against an equivalent winter van tyre in the Arctic Circle, Vantoura 4-Seasons cold-weather performance was 90% compared to the specialist tyre.

During warm weather testing against an equivalent summer van tyre, Vantoura 4-Seasons achieved 98% in performance comparisons.

The result is a huge cost saving for van drivers and fleet managers operating in continental Europe or cross-border while maintaining high levels of safety and control.

UK van drivers and fleet managers can also enjoy the benefits of Vantoura 4-Seasons. Increasingly hot summers and colder, wetter, icier winters have placed much greater demands on tyres at both ends of the climate spectrum.

Van drivers and operators can reduce costs without compromising safety thanks to Vantoura 4-Seasons’ range of carefully-engineered features.

Sawtooth sipes through the main block section bite into icy surfaces to enhance grip while solid shoulder blocks deliver stability and endurance even under heavy load.

Three deep longitudinal grooves channel water, snow and debris away from the Vantoura 4-Seasons’ contact area. All this plus the advanced silica compound that maintains strength and elasticity in both cold and hot conditions.

“All-season tyres have been taking market share from both summer and winter tyres for a few years,” said Gary Cross, Davanti Tyres’ Development Director.

“It was a trend we spotted in 2019 and our research and development team – now based at our European Development Centre at Applus Idiada – have been working tirelessly to develop a product that meets that growing demand.

“We are proud to launch Vantoura 4-Seasons. It’s a product which offers a real economic benefit to the light commercial industry, whether self-employed van driver or a fleet manager for a major operator.

“Offering enhanced safety features all year round plus reduced waste by eliminating unnecessary tyre changes, Vantoura 4-Seasons gives van drivers the edge.”

Discover Vantoura 4-Seasons for yourself.

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