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What are the benefits of all-season tyres?

Wednesday 16th November 2022

A lot of motorists may not understand the benefits of an all-season tyre, or even realise this is an alternative option to summer and winter tyres. With many motorists driving on winter or summer tyres all year round – compromising the safety of themselves and other drivers – coupled with the unpredictable nature of the British weather, it’s useful to understand the benefits that moving to all-season tyres can offer.

Developed for countries with varying climates, all-season tyres can provide essential safety features when transitioning through different weather conditions, without the need to swap between summer tyres and winter tyres.

Offering 90% of the performance of a winter tyre and 91% of the performance of a summer tyre, all-season attempts to fill in gaps removing any performance trade-off when being used outside their respective seasons. Although they may not offer the same level of individual seasonal performance, they offer a strong cross-climate solution.

What are the different types of tyres?

  • Winter – Designed for snow and ice, winter tyres are designed with larger gaps to grab hold of snow and ice and use it to increase traction in hazardous conditions
  • Summer – The standard tyre on most cars, it brings the best performance in warmer climates but is able to adapt well to wet conditions and minimise any risk of aquaplaning
  • All-season – Perfect in moderate, changeable climates all year round, lowering the potential risks that come from various weather conditions. Offers a great alternative to swapping and storing tyres throughout the year.

Do I need to swap my tyres out?

For safety, some countries enforce tyre legislation that requires a seasonal change over from summer to winter and back. Fortunately, all-season tyres that meet the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certification are legally allowed to remain on your vehicle all year round, taking the pressure and worry out of getting them swapped and storing your wheels until the next season.

While Britain has a temperate climate and does not require any seasonal changeovers by law, all-season tyres are still recommended for improving safety, longevity in winter, and consistent performance in unpredictable conditions. All-season tyres may also offer a quieter, more comfortable ride and due to the formulation of their compound, they can typically last longer than the alternatives because of their ability to adapt.

With the popularity of all-season tyres increasing, people are seeing the advantages of fitting all-season tyres to their cars. Fortunately, Davanti offers a range of all-season tyres for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Alltoura 4-Seasons

An exceptional wet and dry grip performance passenger car tyre, delivering a strong cross-climate solution that seamlessly reacts and adapts to the evolving elements from the sky to the road.

Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons

Specifically designed to provide stability and durability for heavier loads on highway terrains, with all of the exceptional performance characteristics of the Alltoura 4-Seasons range when driving in difficult conditions. Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons excels in dry steering, thanks to its solid outer shoulder blocks which deliver a precise steering response. It also provides excellent reliability when it comes to handling and braking in the wet, snow and ice.

Vantoura 4-Seasons

Vantoura 4-Seasons is a versatile and innovative commercial tyre which has been engineered to offer exceptional levels of all-season performance on the road, keeping you moving forward.

Looking for more tips and advice on which tyre is best for your vehicle? Contact your local Davanti dealer here.

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