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Vantoura 4-Seasons, the practical choice for fleets this winter

Tuesday 31st January 2023

With the uncertain economic conditions that motorists are facing this winter, having a safe and economically savvy vehicle is more important than ever, particularly when running a commercial fleet. Ensuring tyres are in tip top condition can not only keep drivers secure on the roads, but can also increase fuel economy significantly.

During the winter months, it’s important for transport operators and drivers that their vehicles are running as economically as possible – especially for larger vehicles, such as vans, where fuel consumption is high – not to mention having the capability to adapt to the unpredictable winter weather.

Vantoura 4-Seasons a versatile and innovative tyre which has been engineered to offer exceptional levels of all-season performance, guaranteeing safety whatever the weather. Suitable for winter and beyond, it provides the best technical features of both summer and winter tyres, so it’s a popular and safe choice for light commercial vehicle users who are looking for safety whilst being economically savvy.

“Vantoura 4-Seasons offers enhanced all-round safety features plus reduced waste by eliminating unnecessary tyre changes, giving real economic benefit to fleets, all year round”, said Sean Maddocks, Sales Director for the UK and Ireland at Davanti Tyres.

Vantoura 4-Seasons has been stringently developed and tested – from the icy wilds of the Arctic Circle at UTAC in Finland to the heat of Davanti’s European Development Centre at Applus IDIADA – to create a reliable, durable, year-round van tyre which can improve fuel efficiency for transport operators.

Key design features of the Vantoura 4-Seasons which make it reliable no matter the weather include:

  • Solid shoulder blocks to deliver a stable drive and endurance even under heavy load, whilst also making the tyre rugged and resistant to damage. The deep outer grooves enable enhanced water evacuation and mechanical snow traction throughout all points of treadwear
  • Three deep longitudinal grooves cut through standing water and provide the driver with safe and dependable handling on wet surfaces. The rapid water evacuation delivered by these grooves makes the tyre highly resistant to aquaplaning
  • An array of sawtooth sipes cut through the main block sections and are engineered to actively bite into icy surfaces. Working in harmony with the specially formulated all-season compound, this feature is critical in ensuring the tyre provides traction on the most challenging surfaces

With tyres potentially being supplied to single operators or large fleets, short or long-wheelbase vehicles, we have ensured Vantoura 4-Seasons is made available in a wide range of sizes.

Ensuring you have the right tyres which are both reliable and fuel-efficient is key during this difficult winter where the pressure to maximise margins for motorists is bigger than ever.

For more information about Vantoura 4-Seasons, contact your local Davanti dealer.

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