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Vans are the economy’s backbone – tyre investment pays true dividends

Sunday 10th March 2019

As retail sales move online, consumers expect to click and collect from the high street on the same day and even supermarket shopping is done remotely via the web – vans have never been more important to the economy.

Yet the frequency of vans on our roads with badly worn, poor condition tyres remains high. Even some fleet managers’ implement tyre policy which states that cheaper, budget tyres be used due to wear and replacement rates.

There is another way. Davanti’s DX440 specialist van tyre is designed to keep your van on the road safely for longer.

Recent compound development has increased the longevity of the DX440 range. This coupled with Davanti’s characteristic comfort and control features has created a tyre perfectly suited to the current growth in online shopping.

Davanti has also looked at how to build a van tyre with safety and control at its core. The more miles you drive the greater the likelihood that adverse weather, poor road conditions or poor driving by other road users force your tyres to deliver lifesaving grip and braking performance.

The DX440’s centre blocks and outer shoulder are designed for volume drainage and surface penetration to pull water away from the contact area even in severe downpours.

The outer and inner shoulders are also geometrically designed to apply enhanced grip in dry conditions and even off-road, for those trade vans that often work for example on construction sites or agriculture.

“Vans and light commercials have always been a key part of the retail economy,” said Davanti’s Sales Director for UK and Ireland Sean Maddocks.

“But never have they been so critical to supporting the infrastructure of the economy. In 2006 2.8% of retail sales were online, as of January this year that figure rocketed to 20%.

“Without vans that growth would not be possible. But in a competitive market van operators, both independent and fleet, need to find a balance between efficiencies, reliability and safety.

“The DX440 delivers that. It is not a cheap, disposable tyre, they are a false economy over time. Neither is it priced excessively thanks to a particular brand name.

“Davanti’s van tyre is designed to get the job done. It offers comfort for the long shifts, control for the unpredictable weather and road conditions and longevity for great cost-per-mile. Value and quality, that’s what you get with the DX440.”

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