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Triumphant return to Latin American event for Davanti Tyres

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Davanti Tyres returned to the hugely popular Latin American and Caribbean Tyre Expo in Panama this year in celebratory mood.

For the first time, the brand was able to bring its much-heralded all-terrain tyre Terratoura to the event as a live product, opening the door for significant constructive conversations with distributors throughout the region.

Terratoura was always recognised as a key component to any Davanti expansion into South America and the Caribbean. The addition of a tyre which is outstanding on such a wide range of terrain and which offers better value than premium rivals to the range gives Davanti an edge it didn’t previously have.

“We know from our previous visits how significant the off-road and all-terrain sectors are here,” said Peter Cross, Davanti General Manager.

“It is for that reason we aimed so many resources at getting Terratoura right and bringing it to market both quickly and well. We’ve listened to the industry and to consumers who have told us what they want and Terratoura meets those demands.”

Terratoura was on display at last year’s show, but this year was the first time the final retail version was on display and full orders could be taken.

“We are thrilled with the response at the event,” said Peter. “Panama is always a good show for us but the level of discussion we have had this time has exceeded all our previous visits and we are very hopeful that we can gain some real traction in Latin America going forward.”

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