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Tips for winter driving

Tuesday 12th December 2023

Driving in the winter brings more hazards than at any other time of the year, which is why it is essential to be extra vigilant. Here are a few of our top tips for winter driving to keep you safe in these challenging months…

Don’t get caught out by the weather

The weather conditions can change very quickly during the winter months, from torrential rain to snow and ice, so it is necessary to be well prepared. Plan your journey so you can check for various route options, and be sure to check the weather forecast before setting off to help avoid any unexpected challenges.

Clear the way before driving

Although it can be inconvenient if you are pushed for time, be sure to clear your windscreen and windows of any snow, ice or mist. Driving without a clear view of the road is dangerous and can land you with a careless driving offence, resulting in a hefty fine of up to £2,500.

To speed up the demisting process, turn on your heating a few minutes before you set off or try using the air conditioning. If you don’t have air conditioning, opening a window also works just as effectively.

Don’t mix your tyres

Winter and all-season tyres have different tread patterns and compounds to summer tyres as they are designed for very different weather conditions. For this reason, it is important not to mix summer and winter tyres, as they will not perform effectively or safely together.

It is better to either fit four all-season tyres or four winter tyres to cope with the colder temperatures and slippery road surfaces.

The Davanti range for passenger cars includes Wintoura and Alltoura 4-Seasons, both of which are designed to withstand the elements and keep the driver in control.

For more information on how to drive safely in winter, or to know more about the Davanti range, speak to your local Davanti dealer.

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