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Tips for off-roading in the snow

Monday 4th December 2023

The seasons are changing and the temperature is dropping, but this should not mean that you need to stop your off-road adventures. With the right preparation and knowledge, you will still be able to enjoy green lanes and rocky terrains, regardless of the season. Check out some of our tips below for winter off-roading:

Check the weather and road conditions

The weather may change fast, so be sure to keep track of the ever-changing conditions to remain safe. Whiteouts causing low visibility or high humidity increasing the risk of ice, can impact your driving experience and safety, and leave you stranded.

Ensure you have the correct equipment

Preparation is key, so before heading out, ensure you have the equipment to tackle the conditions ahead. Along with the standard equipment for any off-road journey, such as a basic toolkit, shovel, first aid and puncture repair kit, snow may offer its own challenges, so take sleeping bags and thick blankets in case you become stranded. Additional food and water supplies will also make sure you are comfortable should the worst happen.

Know your recovery methods

Anyone can find themselves in a situation where they may have no options to get out of, so it is crucial to have recovery options. This could be a partner you are driving with, or having the right equipment and knowledge to get yourself out of trouble. If you are alone, have emergency contacts ready whom you can phone for help.

While waiting for recovery, try to avoid allowing your tyres to spin, increasing the depth of your vehicle and the difficulty of getting unstuck, and if you are in a remote location, remain with your vehicle to avoid getting caught out by the elements.

The different types of snow

Winter tyres work best when they can grip the ice and use it to retain traction on the road. However, snow does not come in just one form, and depending on the temperature and how long it has settled on the road, this could affect how your vehicle handles it.

  • Powdery Snow – Dry and fluffy snow makes for a challenging drive. When rolled over, it may compact and make a slippery surface.
  • Slush – Watery, and it can crater, increasing the risk of your vehicle aquaplaning.
  • Freezing Rain – This can stick to your windscreen and restrict visibility. It can also leave a layer of ice on the road, preventing your tyres from gaining traction.
  • Black ice – Black ice forms when water on the road freezes, creating invisible hazards which you may not spot until your vehicle is on top of it.
  • Blizzard – In a blizzard, you may encounter low visibility due to blowing snow, which makes driving hazardous. High winds can lead to drifting snow and reduced road grip.
    Be prepared with the correct tyres

Tyres are a crucial part of tackling snowy trails. Fortunately, there are many different types of tyres designed to tackle the ice and snow. We have ensured that all our Winter, Off-Road and All-Season tyres are designed to tackle the wintry terrain; however, you should be aware that not all tyres are required to be certified for safety in these colder climates.

While more than ever, all-terrain tyres are becoming certified for these conditions, not all will be. To check to see if they are, look for the 3PMSF seal on your tyres – recognisable by a snowflake encased in mountain peaks – typically found next to the M+S (Mud and Snow) marking on the sidewall.

What is 3PMSF

3PMSF, short for Three Peak Mountain Snowflake, is the best way to know your tyres are equipped to drive in the snow.

This is awarded and certified by the EU to ensure that you can be confident in the safety of your winter and all-season tyres. To qualify, the manufacturer must test the tyre in a demanding set of conditions, covering traction, grip, handling and braking in snow, ice and wet conditions.

We have a growing lineup of 3PMSF-certified products, including Terratoura, Wintoura and Alltoura, meaning Davanti is a great choice for winter driving.

For more information about the Davanti winter tyre range, speak to your local dealer.

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