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Tips for driving in the Autumn

Wednesday 28th September 2022

The arrival of Autumn brings new challenging weather conditions and more difficult terrain to navigate. Check out our handy guide to make sure you’re prepared.

Night-time driving awareness

Night-time driving adds an additional risk to your commute. According to ROSPa, 40% of all accidents happen at night time, with half of those due to drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Other risk factors include reduced visibility, making it particularly difficult to spot pedestrians or cyclists in plain clothing. While it may be assumed that you are able to immediately see them, without reflective clothing it may take you a moment to adjust to the light, and studies have shown any glare from headlights may take as much as 1-9 seconds to recover from, increasing the risk of missing any oncoming hazards.

Additionally, tiredness can be heightened on darker nights. It’s recommended that for any long journeys, take a 15-minute nap if you feel tired and drink a strong coffee to keep you energised when travelling to your destination.

Check your tyres

Be sure to check your tyre tread levels are within the safety margins. It’s recommended that your tyres have over 3mm of tread depth. It’s also advisable to check your tyre pressures to ensure they are correctly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. The autumn weather may bring more treacherous conditions, so the condition of your tyres is paramount to your safety.

If you’re worried about tread depth on your tyres or you need any tips or recommendations, it’s wise to contact your local tyre dealer. You can find and contact your local Davanti Tyres dealer using our dealer locator.

An ideal tyre for adjusting to more challenging terrain from summer, to autumn, then into winter, is our all-season passenger car tyre, Alltoura 4-Seasons. Alltoura 4-Seasons balances the key technical attributes of winter and summer tyres to deliver an all-around strong cross-climate tyre. The engineering innovations allow the Alltoura 4-Seasons tyres to tackle snow and icy surfaces, as well as give a superior grip on wet and dry surfaces.

Battery maintenance

With darker nights and colder weather, your battery has an increased chance of failure. It’s important to be aware of any signs that your battery may be going flat to avoid getting stranded.

There are a few indicators that your battery might be going flat such as your interior lights not switching on, and the central locking not responding when using your key.

You can protect your battery life in cold weather by switching off unnecessary lights. Also, be aware of letting your car sit idle for too long with any electronic equipment inside kept on. To ensure you don’t get caught out, it’s smart to store an emergency battery booster in your car.

Looking for more tips on which tyre is best for your vehicle? Contact your local Davanti dealer or check out Davanti’s full range of tyres.

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