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The Alltoura 4-Seasons passenger car tyre has arrived

Monday 8th August 2022

Introducing our first all-season passenger car tyre, Alltoura 4-Seasons.

Brought to market after years of development and testing, we have perfected our first all-season passenger car tyre range to ensure its design can be relied upon to keep drivers in control no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Davanti Tyres general manager Peter Cross said:

“It’s great to bring a new, innovative all-season passenger car tyre to the market which offers year-round lasting performance. The team have worked incredibly hard to take it from concept to market and we’re excited to present a tyre which can react and adapt to the varying climate conditions, offering limitless possibilities. It’s also important we’ve created a product which gives consumers an economical option whilst providing confidence, thanks to its credentials and our rigorous testing process.”

With durability and performance at the forefront of its design, Alltoura 4-Seasons was put through a rigorous testing process, with independent testing of 32 performance characteristics utilising world-leading facilities. From the harsh, unforgiving winter climate of Test World Finland, to the intense summer conditions of Spain at Applus+ IDIADA, we ensured Alltoura 4-Seasons was tough enough to handle all types of weather and road conditions experienced through the seasons. The extensive winter testing also earned Alltoura 4-Seasons Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certification, making them legally approved to be driven in countries with winter tyre legislation.

Ray Collier, Director of TREAD (Tyre Research Engineering and Development Ltd), conducted extensive independent developmental testing of Alltoura 4-Seasons. He said:

“The focus for the Alltoura 4-Seasons development has been to build on the leading performance and driver involvement of the Protoura Sport tyre and deliver an uncompromised safe and enjoyable product.

“To create a tyre that delivers a true all season performance without a bias towards either winter or summer has been both challenging and demanding. The work that has gone into the development is clear when you first drive the new Alltoura 4-Seasons tyre – it is immediately obvious that the driver focus for dry conditions has not been sacrificed and the linear steering response makes the tyre involving and rewarding to drive. The rolling comfort and cabin noise blend perfectly to create a comfortable ride and the V groove pattern and newly developed compound really shine through in winter conditions, with a secure handling balance giving confidence in demanding conditions.”

After thousands of miles of testing, the Alltoura 4-Seasons balances key technical attributes of winter and summer tyres to deliver an all-round strong cross-climate tyre, with key features including:

Engineered for superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces, the advanced silica compound delivers traction and longevity for year-round lasting performance. This provides an economical and practical tyre and removes the need to change between seasons, earning its place among the leading benchmark tyres.

Ray continued:

“It’s been a long but immensely enjoyable and rewarding tyre to test and develop and the final result is a tyre that any company would be proud to have in their portfolio, a true AllSeason tyre.”

The Alltoura 4-Seasons passenger car tyre adds to our ever-growing portfolio including the Vantoura 4-Seasons developed for commercial vans, ensuring our cross-climate offering caters to a wide range of drivers.

The range covers sizes 14″-19″ – to learn more about the Alltoura 4-Seasons visit:

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