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Terratoura trial series gives off-road dealers chance to test new off road star

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Davanti Tyres has made a lot of noise about Terratoura – but a recent series of trial events allowed experienced 4×4 tyre dealers to make up their own minds.

The brand invited some of the most experienced 4×4 and off-road tyre specialists to three events and gave them the freedom to test Terratoura against a premium rival.

Challenging courses were laid out at Land Rover Experience East of England in Corby, Parkwood Off-Road in Bradford and Buildwas Bank in Telford by three-time Defender Challenge Champion and 2015 Hill Rally winner Edd Cobley.

Guests were then sent out with off-road experts to drive the course in both Land Rover Defenders and Ford Rangers.

They were able to drive vehicles fitted with a premium brand then switch to identical vehicles running on Terratoura to make a direct comparison.

Over the three events more than 90 tyre retailers were able to pit Terratoura against one of the best all terrain tyres on the market to see for themselves which delivered the best performance.

At each location the premium tyre performed as strongly as expected but Terratoura was consistently ranked as the best performer.

“We couldn’t have hoped for a better result,” said Davanti Sales and Marketing director Sean Maddocks.

“Our goal was ambitious, we invited a lot of dealers who are not currently Davanti partners because they have a particular specialism in all-terrain and off-road tyres.

“Once they were there, Terratoura did what it does and left an impression. A number of our guests were really trying to push Terratoura beyond its limits, expecting it to give in before the premium tyre did.

“But it performed as it did in testing, maintaining grip and forward traction on all ground types, holding at acute angles, clearing debris from tread quickly and efficiently and providing all the feedback a driver needs in the rough stuff to make the correct adjustments.

“The test series has been a huge success and Terratoura is beginning to make a significant impact in the all-terrain tyre sector just six months after it went on sale.”

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