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Terratoura A/T goes big with sizes from 15-21 inches

Wednesday 21st April 2021

The new name in all terrain just got bigger – a lot bigger.

Terratoura A/T from Davanti Tyres is launching a huge range of new sizes, taking the fitment size up to 21 inches to cover vehicles like the new Defender.

In total, Terratoura A/T will be available in 29 fitments, including – for the first time – 18, 19, 20 and 21 inch.Davanti has also added key fitments in the existing 15-17 inch size range and for the first time is offering raised white letting options across selected sizes.

Since its launch in 2019, Terratoura A/T has established itself as an all-terrain tyre capable of mastering some of the toughest off-road and green lane surfaces. It is also 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified for winter performance.

It’s used by legendary off-road racer and driving trainer Edd Cobley for response service training and the North West 4×4 Response group – who offer crisis support for emergency services in conditions where only an off-road vehicle can operate.

“It’s an incredible tyre,” said Edd. “Mud, gravel, sand, water, snow, I have tried to beat this tyre and I haven’t been able to.

“When you get it onto the road, it is clean in seconds, no dragging mud onto the asphalt. After that it handles like a road tyre; responsive, agile and comfortable. Terratoura A/T is a truly great all-terrain tyre. It does exactly what you want it to do – no matter how challenging the conditions.”

Sean Maddocks, Davanti Tyres’ Sales Director for the UK and Ireland, said expanding the Terratoura range for larger off-road vehicles was a natural step after its successful launch.

“Terratoura A/T has quickly established itself as an all-terrain tyre you can rely on in the toughest situations,” he said. “Across all surfaces in all parts of the world it has proven itself as a no-nonsense, reliable off-road tyre that you can trust.

“If you’re working in a tough environment or heading on an expedition, you need the right equipment. If you need all-terrain tyres, Terratoura A/T is the right equipment.”

With today’s 4×4 vehicles – including the new Land Rover Defender – typically fitted with larger wheels as standard, the latest evolution of Terratoura is designed to ensure that whatever you drive, you can realise its full off-road potential.

“The trend is now for wheel size to increase,” said Sean “ When drivers of those newer vehicles – or modified older ones – want to really see what their 4x4s can do, they now have more choice with Terratoura.”

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