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Should I switch to a H/T Tyre?

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

When deciding what tyre type is best for you, it’s important to pick a tyre best suited for your regular driving experience and vehicle requirements, but it may seem confusing at first when weighing up the benefits of one over the other. However, the choice you make may greatly impact the way your car handles different conditions.

For driving on the motorway, there is nothing better suited than a Highway Terrain (H/T) tyre. Similar to a standard passenger car tyre, H/T aims to offer the greatest advantages of driving on motorways with a smoother, more comfortable and quieter drive and is typically seen on 4X4s and SUVs.

Why should I go for a H/T Tyre?

  • Better handling: H/T tyres provide good handling and stability at high speeds, making them ideal for motorway driving
  • Less rolling resistance: The focus on motorway driving means these tyres typically have less rolling resistance compared to other tyre types, resulting in less strain on your engine and improved fuel economy
  • Quieter at speed: H/T tyres are typically quieter than other tyres, offering a more comfortable, relaxing drive during long stretches
  • Built for any weather: H/T tyres are designed for a variety of weather conditions including light snow and rain
  • Long-lasting: H/T tyres are typically made with a harder rubber compound, which makes them more durable and longer-lasting than other tyre types.

What to consider

  • Limited off-road capability: Despite the types of vehicles they go on it’s not recommended to use H/T tyres for extended periods of time off-road. While they excel on tarmac, if you are expecting to be travelling off-road regularly, it’s suggested that you consider moving on to A/T (all-terrain tyres) which are designed for a variety of road conditions
  • Harder compound: Developed with the benefit of longevity in mind, H/T tyres typically come with a harder compound when compared to other types of tyres, which can make driving in heavy snow or ice more difficult

Do I need to switch H/T tyres out in the winter?

H/T tyres offer superior performance on sealed roads in most conditions but this doesn’t mean every H/T is equipped to deal with heavy snow and ice. When considering your purchase look for tyres marked with a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol on the sidewall. Fortunately, Alltoura H/T has been successfully tested under harsh and demanding winter conditions in order to achieve 3PMSF compliance offering the best performance all year round, making it the ideal all-season tyre.

Specifically designed to provide stability and durability for heavier loads on highway terrains, with all of the exceptional performance characteristics of the Alltoura 4-Seasons range when driving in difficult conditions. Alltoura H/T 4-Seasons excels in dry steering, thanks to its solid outer shoulder blocks which deliver a precise steering response. It also provides excellent reliability when it comes to handling and braking in the wet, snow and ice. Struggling with choosing the right tyre for your vehicle? Reach out to one of our helpful local Davanti dealers using our dealer locator or learn more about Alltoura H/T as well as our list of fitments here.

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