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Should I put all-terrain tyres on my van?

Wednesday 28th February 2024

Covering hundreds of miles up and down the country this spring and summer, van and light commercial vehicle drivers need to be able to take on every journey with the peace of mind that their tyres will offer excellent handling and reliability.

During a working week, van drivers may be enjoying the pleasant spring and summer weather conditions, but the terrains they cover can remain tricky. Tackling motorways, country lanes and single-track roads, it is advantageous for van drivers to consider the benefits of having all-terrain tyres to ensure that they can go about their business safely. These benefits include:

  • Safe whatever the weather – All-terrain tyres are great options for van drivers whatever the weather. The tread is specifically designed to provide excellent grip in cold and wet conditions. Van drivers should also look out for all-terrain tyres that hold the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) certification for sub-zero performance, this is the best way to know your tyre is equipped and certified to drive in the snow.
  • Versatile and durable – All terrain tyres are designed to provide exceptional performance both on and off-road and in a variety of challenging terrains. As all-terrain tyres are able to withstand tough terrains and weather conditions, this makes them highly durable and able to carry high endurance loads, adding peace of mind for the driver.
  • Performance driven – All-terrain tyres have specifically designed tread support bars which are specially constructed, offering assured and stable on-road performance and low noise.

Thanks to years of research and development into highway and off-road performance, Davanti’s Terratoura A/T provides the perfect balance of each for van drivers. To find out more about the Terratoura A/T and its key design features, check out our product page

However, commercial vehicle drivers may also be considering alternatives to all-terrain tyres, such as all-season and other, more versatile van tyres.
What about all-season van tyres?

Engineered for year-round confidence, all-season tyres are a popular and safe choice for light commercial vehicle users who are driving in spring and summer on varying road conditions. The tyre pattern features prominent sawtooth sipes which ensures responsive handling on surfaces which offer low traction, and the specially formulated tread compound stabilises grip when temperatures rise or fall.

Additionally, without the need to change tyres between seasons, they also have an economical benefit for van drivers and reduce down time.
If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits and design features of all-season van tyres, read more about the Vantoura 4-Seasons here.

Versatility might be the ticket, too

Although all-terrain and all-season tyres provide drivers with peace of mind if they have certain weather or site conditions to combat, it’s important to acknowledge there may be other, more versatile options which meet van drivers’ day-to-day needs.
A tyre which has been engineered with a durable and rigid construction for excellent traction and which can handle heavy loads vehicles may frequently carry, could also be the right tyre choice.

From Davanti’s original tyre range – Davanti DX – the DX440 is a versatile van tyre designed to perform on both normal road terrains and in demanding site conditions. Developed and manufactured using advanced technologies, you can find out more about the DX440 here.

Most importantly: review your tyre needs

With many options out there, it’s important that van and light commercial vehicle drivers take a proactive approach to reviewing tyres to maintain safe, economic and reliable fleets. It’s been documented that on average vans cover around 12,500 miles over a year* – and with varying road surfaces to combat, perhaps this spring/summer could be the right time to change your van tyre.

For more information on Davanti’s range of van tyres, check out our product page or contact your local Davanti dealer.

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