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Runflat tyres with performance credentials

Tuesday 15th August 2023

Drivers that have experienced runflat tyres in the past may not favour them for their lack of ride comfort and handling, a sacrifice that can occur when runflat technology takes priority. However with the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat, we’ve provided drivers with the same level of comfort and performance as the original Protoura Sport without the compromise.

How does the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat achieve safety and performance?

Thanks to our innovative engineering. We have maintained the key tread pattern features of the Protoura Sport to ensure superior performance:

  • A solid outer block pattern for a precise steering response
  • Wide longitudinal ribs to enable efficient water dispersion
  • Solid circumferential centre grooves for straight line traction

This is combined with the inner runflat technology that gives drivers reassurance that should they experience a puncture, they can continue driving to a place of safety or repair:

  • Integrated rim protection to prevent wheel damage
  • A self-supporting internal sidewall which supports the weight of the vehicle and retains the tyre structure when it loses air
  • Continued and safe operation at speeds of up to 50mph whilst deflating or deflated
  • Lateral and transverse load support when operating at zero pressure


To ensure the perfect balance of performance and safety, Protoura Sport DSP Runflat went through a rigorous testing process to assess its capabilities under normal inflation when it comes to; wet and dry braking, wet and dry handling, aquaplaning, noise and comfort. Additionally, we carried out runflat-specific testing that went above and beyond the standard runflat testing to achieve Original Equipment (OE) standards.

These include:

Drum test
An endurance test which assesses the tyre’s ability to run on a steel drum for 60 minutes without deflation.

Pop-on pressure
We ensured that the tyres are easy to mount and dismount from the rim – a typical challenge for runflat tyres – whilst maintaining sufficient force on the wheel for reliable operation.

RPA sensitivity test
Ensuring the tyre is well within the tolerance bounds of TPMS sensors, this test determines the variance in circumference between inflated and uninflated states, for vehicles that rely on this technology to detect that a tyre has deflated.

Rim roll-off test

This determines whether the deflated tyre stays mounted to the rim when undergoing lateral forces, a factor that cannot be determined by the standard drum test alone. This test was carried out by performing J turns with a tyre under zero pressure to ensure it remains mounted to the rim as required for OE standards.

To find out whether the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat is suitable for your vehicle or for more information, contact your local Davanti dealer using our Dealer locator.  You can also discover more about the product on our Protoura Sport DSP Runflat Product page.

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