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Ostles supports aid effort to Ukraine

Monday 28th March 2022

In a bid to help the people of Ukraine caught up in the devastating conflict, Ostles partnered with their customer Cavalry Garage Services and other local businesses within the community to provide vital aid.

Cavalry Garage Services kickstarted the idea and called for businesses in the area to become drop off points for public donations and transportation support. Ostles jumped at the opportunity to help, providing a drop off point for donations and transportation with three complete sets of all-season Davanti tyres, including a set of Vantoura 4-Seasons donated by us. This meant that the tyres would be suitable for travelling through Europe and countries with winter tyre legislation which is still in effect.

After putting an appeal out on their social media channels, Ostles were humbled by the amount of donations, which were transported across four vans in total.

Angela Elliot, one of the team members at Ostles said:

“We put it on our social media that we were going to be a drop off point, and in all honesty we weren’t expecting the volume we got. We filled our transit delivery van four times. It was the most humbling week I think I’ve ever done at work.

“We were inundated with clothes so we had to restrict the amount of clothing we could gather. There was a lot of food..feminine products, hygiene products, medical stuff went over, dog food, baby food, baby clothes, nappies, it was phenomenal.”

All aid was transported the whole distance from Scotland to the Polish/Ukrainian border by road in a convoy of drivers. It has now been distributed to the Ukrainian people.

The project was a team effort, with all Ostles staff becoming involved in the organising and managing of incoming goods.

Angela said:

“I think we were all in tears at some point.”

“People just want to help and we are in the same boat where we feel so helpless so when the team at Cavalry had said can we get a drop off point it was the least we could do to try and help them and the Ukrainian people as well.”

Angela continued: “The guys at Cavalry Garage Services, they are the ones that deserve the thanks, for having the confidence to go forward and do it in the first place, and then everybody else that helped implement the plans.”

Ostles have further plans to donate even more aid, with donations still being taken.

For more information, visit the Ostles Facebook page.

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