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October is Tyre Safety Month

Thursday 30th September 2021

Did you know, 1 in 5 people have never checked their tyres? Tyre safety is critical to keeping road users moving effectively and without incident, and with Tyre Safety Month approaching, it’s the ideal time to educate drivers on basic tyre maintenance.

Here are a few top tips from us and TyreSafe:

  • Check tyre pressures regularly (information on what pressure your tyres should be can be found on the inside of your driver door, fuel cap or in your vehicle handbook)
    We advise checking tyre pressure monthly. Relying on the warning light to appear on your dashboard is not recommended as by this time, braking distance has already increased by around 25%.
  • 1 in 4 vehicles could have illegal tread depth this year. Check tread depth at a minimum of 3 points around the tyre using tread indicators or the 20p test
    All of our tyres have tread indicators located intermittently within the longitudinal tyre grooves. Once the tread blocks become level with these indicators (set at 1.6mm), it’s time to replace the tyre.
  • Defective tyres have been linked to 159 deaths or serious injuries
    Age can play a big part in the performance of your tyres. Anything over 5 years old shouldn’t be driven on. To check the age of your tyres, you can find a dot code on the sidewall which gives the date the tyre was manufactured.
  • Check the tyre condition monthly or before long journeys and remove any objects stuck in the tyre tread
    If you spot a nail stuck in the tyre, don’t continue to drive on it believing tyre pressure won’t be affected. The tyre is at risk of degrading rapidly.

We carry out rigorous testing during the development process of all of our tyres to ensure maximum safety, however, should there be an irreparable fault with one of our tyres during normal road use once purchased, we provide an Accidental Damage Guarantee. Find out more here.

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