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Nowhere is off limits for Davanti’s New All-Terrain Terratoura

Thursday 28th February 2019

Rough, boggy, rocky, wintry, loose – these can all describe terrain that is difficult or impossible to navigate.

One word renders them all meaningless – Terratoura.

The first hardcore all-terrain tyre offer from Davanti, Terratoura is the result of years of research and development into off road performance to deliver a tyre with predictable, reliable handling wherever you are.

It is designed to tackle extreme conditions, be they deserts like Mexico’s Atacama or Africa’s Sahara, the frozen icescape of the Arctic or the challenging rocky wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. With Terratoura, nowhere is off limits.

Independently tested at IDIADA in Spain, Test World in Finland and Millbrook in the UK, Terratoura is the ultimate tyre for the serious off-roader. It is part of an elite club too – Terratoura is only the seventh all-terrain tyre in the world to earn earn the three peaks mountain snowflake (3PMSF) certification for sub-zero performance.

Not only that, but on the road it performs just like the rest of the Davanti family – offering a comfortable, low noise, efficient ride when travelling between adventures.

Davanti Product Manager Gary Cross believes Terratoura is a true game changer in the global marketplace.

“The 4×4 and pickup market globally is enormous and spans some of the wildest environments in the world,” he said. “From the Americas and Australia to Africa and Asia, to the icy wilderness of Northern Europe, there is a real demand for high performing all-terrain tyres.

“Until now choice has been limited to a few premium-priced brands. But by applying our research team to the problem, we have developed an all-terrain tyre which is almost unstoppable and offers great value.

“Terratoura doesn’t just make extreme terrain accessible, it reduces the cost of running vehicles which some remote communities rely on and reduces the likelihood they will use unsafe part-worn or worn tyres.”

Terratoura’s outstanding performance comes from its specifically designed shoulder pattern and robust, staggered outer blocks. These blocks have been built with reduced movement to maintain grip regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

Constructed from an advanced silica compound, Terratoura is tough off-road and comfortable on-road and is engineered with specialist stone ejection ribs and longitudinal channels to maximise grip by eliminating causes of traction loss.

Since they first disrupted the tyre market in 2015, Davanti has been on a mission to deliver market leading performance without a premium price tag.

In 2015 it launched its first tyre, the DX390. Now, in addition to Terratoura, Davanti offers a range including Ultra High Performance, SUV, standard passenger car, van, taxi and the specialist winter tyre range Wintoura.

For Terratoura enquiries contact [email protected]

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