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North West 4×4 Off Road Founder embraces Terratoura A/T

Friday 6th October 2023

North West 4×4 Off Road Founder and hobbyist Greg Spendlove has a passion for 4×4’s and their capabilities for ultimate adventure. Having started the North West 4×4 Off Road club with his co-founder to share this passion, Greg saw this as an opportunity to test and observe how the various aspects of 4×4’s can perform differently from brand to brand.

Having covered many of the Green Lanes and Pay & Plays within the UK, Greg and the group looked to venture further afield to discover more adventurous trails around Europe.

After discovering Terratoura A/T and using them on a previous vehicle, Greg was keen to put the tyres to the test in an overlanding trip through Portugal in his lightly modified Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 Landmark, and they did not disappoint.

During the trip, Greg covered many different types of terrain, from gravel and sand across coastal and mountain trails, to rock crawling and muddy trails, added to by a lot of rain. The group also travelled across motorways at points, so the tyres could really prove their ability to transition from on-road to off-road with ease.

Compared to previous 4×4 tyres Greg had tested, Terratoura A/T proved to excel across tarmac, gravel, grass, sand, mud and snow, living up to its all terrain status.

Greg commented:

“After off-roading with many different vehicles and set ups for well over 10 years, I’ve tried all the big brands, and the Terratoura has shown it is a well balanced tyre across all terrains.
It didn’t fail to hold the road across the mountainous terrain and it still kept me going when I needed it on the more difficult off road sections.

“The most challenging aspects of the trip were the soft sand and, although it may seem strange, the motorways. With long distances in the hot weather I needed not just the car but the tyres to not let me down. In the soft sand I really should have lowered the pressures but I decided to see how Terratoura did at a higher pressure and I’ve got to be honest, they were amazing the whole day.”

But it wasn’t just the handling that Greg took into consideration when choosing the Terratoura A/T. He continued:

“One of the big things to consider with my tyres since deciding to do more overlanding has been road noise, which is hard to get right without losing the control or grip on and off road, and I have found with Terratoura that it has great balance between everything which was exactly what I wanted and needed with the Discovery 2 build.”

Although Greg was seeking a tyre that could stand up to these challenging terrains, it was also important to him that the tyre would be suitable for everyday driving, with the Discovery 2 also being his main vehicle.

He said:

“As much as green lanes can be fun and adventurous, I needed tyres to suit my everyday car use and off-road use, taking it from easy to challenging terrain. When the Terratoura first came out I thought I’d give it a go after using M/Ts on my 1 personal Land Rover and not looking back since. The price point against big brands is amazing value for money too – I always tell people to spend a bit extra and stay clear of the remoulds, and Terratoura offers this with their price point.”

Overall, when asked if he would recommend Terratoura, Greg said:

“100%, I have already told others to buy on YouTube and Instagram, directing them to their local Davanti dealer for more information and some have even purchased the Terratoura themselves.

“The quality of the rubber itself is just much better than other big brands and they last a lot longer than those that myself, my brother and friends have had.”

Discover more about Terratoura A/T here, or speak to your local Davanti dealer for more information.

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