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N4urd_r praises Protoura Sport

Monday 22nd August 2022

We recently attended the VAG Society’s event in Northamptonshire with car enthusiast N4urd_r, aka, Steve Nurden, who has embraced our flagship UHP tyre Protoura Sport.

He made the switch to Protoura Sport and fitted them to his Golf R after a recommendation from a friend.

“I heard about them from a friend who said they were really good tyres, so I decided to try them and he wasn’t wrong”, said Steve.

“They stick to the road like glue and provide plenty of grip which makes the car feel really good. Their performance has been spot on, I really can’t fault them and I will be recommending them to everyone I know.”

The Protoura Sport advocate attended VAG Society alongside us to spread the word about his experience of the tyres to date.

He continued: “They’re good in the wet as well as in the dry. I really can’t fault them, if you’re in the market for high performance tyres these are the ones you need, an all-round good tyre.”

Protoura Sport is growing in popularity among UHP car enthusiasts with its ability to perform while delivering comfort, grip and control – it’s at one with the driver.

Follow N4urd_r’s journey with Protoura Sport here or to find out more about our other advocates follow Davanti here.

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