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Magic Mina surprises underprivileged children as Davanti Tyres Make It Happen again

Saturday 22nd May 2021

Colombian superstar defender Yerry Mina has had a special video call with underprivileged children from Cartagena thanks to Everton Football Club, Davanti Tyres and Procar Inversiones.

Procar – Davanti Tyres’ exclusive distributor for Colombia – understands the challenges vulnerable children have faced during the pandemic, having worked with Fundación Dones de Misericordia to support underprivileged children in Cartagena and across the wider Bolivar region for some time.

The foundation has strived to maintain services for the children in their care as coronavirus took hold so Procar decided to bring the children and the foundation a positive boost – and Davanti Tyres and Premier League side Everton helped to make it happen.

Through Davanti’s Make It Happen partnership campaign, the global tyre brand worked with Everton and Procar to arrange for centre-back Mina to host a surprise call with the children who live and study at the Fundación Dones de Misericordia which you can watch on Davanti’s Youtube channel.

“We gathered the children but we didn’t tell them why,” said Procar Inversiones Manager Carlos Ropero Arévalo. “Then the screen came to life and there was one of their heroes – Yerry Mina!

“Their reactions were amazing, they have never been able to speak to one of their idols like this. Some were actually speechless!

“Like all children their age they love football. It is the activity that brings a smile to their faces, their escape. To spend time speaking to one of their idols was a huge inspiration to them and an amazing experience.”

Mina spent time speaking to the children, answering their questions about playing football, representing Everton and Colombia and his legendary dancing goal celebrations and offering them encouragement for their future.

Daniel Purnell, International Sales and Marketing Executive for Davanti Tyres, said it meant a lot to give such a memorable experience to the children of Fundación Dones de Misericordia.

“These are children who have had to face significant challenges at a young age,” he said. “The foundation gives them the help and support they need to develop, learn and create a more hopeful future.

“The pandemic has made the foundation’s work more challenging. We’re all looking for a ray of sunshine, a reason to smile in the face of adversity. That Davanti, Procar Inversiones and Everton could play a part in giving the children that incredible experience through our Make It Happen campaign means a lot.”

Learn more about the work of the Fundación Dones de Misericordia at

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