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International Focus – Khalife for Oil and Lubricants, Lebanon

Friday 3rd December 2021

We are rapidly increasing our market share in partnership with exclusive distributor Khalife for Oil and Lubricants based in Lebanon.

In a market where 1.2 million new tyres are sold each year, we have been working with Khalife for six years to establish the brand.

In 2021 Khalife had its best year to date, doubling sales thanks in part to the increased sizes range of Terratoura A/T and the introduction of Protoura Sport.

Established in 1980 in Ghazieh City, Khalife for Oil and Lubricants is a family business offering a full range of oils, lubricants, additives, batteries, filters, brake pads and, of course, tyres.

Khalife’s warehousing covers 20,000 sq metres and employs 120 people, offering flexible delivery all over Lebanon.

The company was founded by cousins Ahmad and Mostapha Khalife. Ahmad’s son, Hassan, is the Import/Export Manager responsible for Davanti.

“Having previously partnered with other large brands, we have found Davanti Tyres to be a manufacturer with quality at its core,” said Hassan.

“It truly operates as a partner for Khalife in Lebanon, working with us to build up the brand sustainably.

“It has also proven extremely popular with customers – our retailers have seen demand for Davanti soar as the range has evolved and developed new premium-performance patterns across UHP and all-terrain.”

“We are proud of our association with Khalife,” said Davanti Tyres’ Sales Director for the Middle East and Africa, Najib Chakhtoura.

“They have been a trusted partner for some time and have always understood our mission – to provide premium-quality tyres to the market at excellent value.

“To finish 2021 with such outstanding figures for the brand is testament to Khalife’s commitment to building the brand over time and ensuring that people appreciate the quality that Davanti Tyres offers across all applications, from 4×4 to sports car to hatchbacks.”

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