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International Focus –, Romania

Friday 23rd July 2021

Despite an unpredictable year – Davanti Tyres’ exclusive distribution partners in Romania – have seen annual brand growth of 52.5% in the country.

This impressive figure is not only the fourth consecutive year of growth for Davanti in Romania but also the most unexpected, coming as it did during a global pandemic when many businesses and economies shut down.

“Strong people thrive in challenging situations,” said Florin Goanta, Manager of “Covid was an unexpected problem and it was a very difficult time for us.

“But we have always invested in people, management and strategy and that investment paid off. It allowed us to adapt to the new situation and ensure we could still supply those customers who remained operational during the pandemic.”

That investment in building an elite team structure, plus Davanti’s uninterrupted stock deliveries, proved critical as not only maintained excellent service, but continued to add new customers at a rapid rate.

A planned warehouse expansion to hold more stock was completed during the height of the pandemic and that immediately supported the additional customer demand for Davanti Tyres.

“Davanti has been the anchor for our business, a stable partner we can rely on in the toughest times,” said Florin.

“Davanti offers exceptional quality, consistently, across its range, from the DX240 up to the Protoura Sport and Terratoura A/T and that is key to its success.

“Our competitors focus only on price, their concern is to be the cheapest. At we believe that offering high quality at a fair price is a better way. That is why we choose Davanti and our growth shows that drivers and tyre retailers are also embracing that philosophy.

“Our customers trust us, and we trust Davanti. Without trust you cannot build for the long-term. From the moment I met with Davanti back at the Essen show in 2016, I understood that this was a brand with real values.”

Florin and the team at continue to work hard to continue the progress they have made in establishing Davanti Tyres in Romania.

They have produced commercial video content to promote the brand digitally and have set an ambitious 200% growth goal in Davanti sales over the next 10 years.

Visit to discover more about Davanti’s exclusive partners in Romania.

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